1-  Adj + Ving  a hard-working student


2-  Adj + Ved   a hard-boiled egg


3-  Adj + Ned   a blue-eyed girl


4-  Adj + Adj                 a dark-blue suit


5-  Adj  + N                        a high-speed machine


6-  N + Ving              a heart-breaking story


7-  N + Ved                        a heart-broken man


 8-  N + Adj                        a sea-sick sailor


 9-  N + N                a random-access memory


10-  Adv + Ving  a never-ending story


11-  Adv + Ved   an under-privileged person


12-  Adv +Adv a far-away land


13- Divers          a six-foot-tall  athlete

                                    an up-to-date garment



a bad-tempered person

a badly-lit street

a blood-red sky

a blue-eyed girl

a book-loving child

a breath-taking thriller

a brick-red wall

a broad-shouldered ape

a coal-black face

a cold-blooded murder

a colour-blind recruit

a computer-aided system

a cool-headed criminal

a dark-skinned traveller

a duty-free item

a fair-haired boy

a far-fetched argument

a far-off destination

a far-sighted politician

a fast-flying bird

a fast-moving vehicle

a flat-footed soldier

a god-fearing man

a good-for-nothing boy

a good-looking model

a good-natured girl

a grass-eating insect

a hair-raising story

a hand-made vase

a heart-rending book

a heavy-handed teacher

a home-made cake

a horse-drawn carriage

a Japanese-built car

a kind-hearted animal-lover

a knee-deep river

a lady-like attitude

a law-abiding citizen

a left-handed tennis-player

a light-green shirt

a long-kept secret

a long-lasting silence

a long-nosed man

a long-play record

a long-toothed animal

a low-necked dress

a low-spirited patient

a man-eating animal

a many-coloured crowd

a many-sided genius

a matter-of-fact remark

a medium-sized T-shirt

a middle-aged lady

a moss-grown wall

a much-travelled man

a narrow-minded person

a nasty-smelling medicine

a navy-blue skirt

a nice-looking friend

a nice-shaped body

a one-armed bandit

a one-eyed pilot

a one-way ticket

a petrol-driven car

a quick-growing plant

a quick-witted student

a red-hot piece of metal

a red-striped flag

a sad-looking little boy

a sea-green shirt

a second-hand car

a self-employed man

a self-satisfied person

a shaggy-haired man

a short-lived creature

 a short-sighted man

a slate-covered roof

a slow-running river

a snow-covered road

a snow-white skin

a soft-hearted  boss

a star-spangled banner

a steam-powered engine

a sun-dried landscape

a sweet-smelling flower

a take-it-or-leave-it attitude

a ten-foot pole

a tenpenny stamp

a thatch-roofed cottage

a three-legged table

a three-mile island

a time-consuming task

a time-saving device

a waterproof watch

a weather-beaten valley

a well-kept garden

a well-known actor

a well-paid job

a white-painted house

a widespread problem

a wind-swept plateau

a world-famous composer

a world-wide issue

an absent-minded professor

an easy-going colleague

an ill-tempered driver

an Irish-born writer

an open-ended short-story

an open-minded person

an over-scrupulous employee

ever-lasting regrets

far-reaching consequences

farm-produced food

gold-rimmed spectacles

hand-written notes

ice-cold tea

old-fashioned clothes

sky-blue eyes

the 8.47 train

the nine o'clock news

the well-off classes